“I get to look pretty and point while you do all the dangerous stuff. That automatically makes me the smart one in this relationship.”
Alex Arms Folded

From the files of Dr. Allura, Bureau of Special Intelligence:

Name: Alexandra G. Dupree

Age: 23 (ish)

Occupation: IT Support Technician, part-time Magician’s Assistant

Alex met Jack Magic at college and was persuaded to become his magician’s assistant. They also shared a close romantic relationship. It’s possible that they may have gotten married during a Halloween business trip to Atlantic City, although the particpants’ memories were, shall we say, severely impaired at that time and no documentation of a wedding or an annullment is on public record.

Their original romance was very turbulent. Jack had a wandering eye and Alex had a wicked temper. Their relationship came to an end during a live performance when Alex locked Jack in a trunk, set it on fire and pushed it off the stage into the orchestra pit. This was not part of the act, but it did test Jack’s escape artist skills to the max and went over extremely well with the audience.

Alex crossed paths with Jack again months later during a downtown Richmond event. Jack was scheduled to perform a suspended strait jacket escape and had just lost his current magician’s assistant a few minutes before (more accurately, his enraged assistant threw him out of her car and drove away). Fortunately, enough time had passed that Alex didn’t mind volunteering to help Jack out by being his emergency replacement assistant one more time.

She had no idea how that one simple favor was going to change her life forever.

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