“You’re under arrest for breaking the laws of physics. Any incantation you might chant can and will be held against you in a court of law.” Allura Grey
Allura Takedown Allura Badge

From the personnel files of the Bureau of Special Intelligence

Name: Dr. Johanna Allura


Occupation: Field Commander, United States Bureau of Special Intelligence

Notes: Don’t bother telling her jokes about The X-Files and Men in Black, she’s heard them all and then some. Her job is investigating the unknown, the paranormal and the just plain weird, and no one has a better sense of humor about it than herself. Charming, attractive and inquisitive, she uses her quick wit and feminine wiles to uncover more information than most agents can obtain with rubber hoses and automotive batteries. Just don’t mistake her easy-going manner for weakness. She can take out a man twice her size with just two of her fingers. Obsessed with unraveling the decades-old mystery behind The Outcast, Dr. Allura is not above “bending the rules,” especially if she can get a certain magician to work on her side...

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