“Money isn’t everything...but it IS everything else. ” Blopez Grey
Blopez Hands Up Blopez Blue Tie

From the files of Dr. Allura, Bureau of Special Intelligence:

Name: Bob (Robert) M. Lopez

Age: 26

Occupation: Manager, entrepreneur, part-time bartender

Notes: Bob Lopez attended the same high school as Jack Magic. They met for the first time when they both got afterschool jobs at a local video store. Bob had a work name tag that was labeled “B LOPEZ.” Jack started calling his new friend “Blopez” and the nickname stuck.

Blopez always dreamed of living the extravagant and uninhibited life of a rocker or a movie star. The only obstacle to his dream was a complete lack of singing or acting talent. Ultimately he decided that he could still achieve riches and fame by managing someone else with potential. Blopez has represented a number of different local bands and singers, but his most promising client is still his best friend Jack Magic.

Mr. Lopez may not be able to sing or dance, but nobody is better at singing the praises of his clients to a skeptical booker, or using fast footwork to get a friend out of trouble with the authorities. He might tell you up front that it's only about business, but when the chips are down no one has your back better than Blopez.

Of course, there’s the possibilty that he’s just protecting his ten percent.

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