“He’s very handsome. May I have his skull after we kill him?” Eliza Gun Pencils
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From the files of Dr. Allura, Bureau of Special Intelligence:

Name: Eliza Vex (no middle name?)


Occupation: Chief of Security for Shokwurk Enterprises

Notes: Nothing about Eliza Vex is known before she gained employment at Shokwurk Enterprises. For the past several years she has served as Nolan Shokwurk’s driver and personal bodyguard. Eliza is stunning to look at, cool under pressure, sarcastic, aloof, icy and utterly fearless. She is highly proficient with many firearms and an expert at hand-to-hand combat. There have been rumors that she possesses superhuman strength, and a reputable eyewitness has claimed that he saw her rip a car door from its hinges with her bare hands and then hurl it half a block away.

According to certain sources Eliza is not an official member of The Outcast organization, although she often accompanies Shokwurk to their secret meetings. Perhaps she’s there for his protection, or perhaps he just wants to show her off.

Eliza is rarely seen away from her employer, which has led many to question the extent of their relationship. Is it purely professional? Are they friends? Related somehow? Lovers? It’s obvious that the two are fond of each other but beyond that neither one of them are talking.

One thing is not in question: Eliza’s loyalty to Nolan Shokwurk. She would die for him.

And kill for him? Sure.

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