“Nobody moves and nobody gets hurt...I’m just kidding, you go ahead and move around as much as you want, we were going to hurt you anyway.”
Goblin Couple Goblins

From the files of Dr. Allura, Bureau of Special Intelligence:

Names: Various

Occupations: Various

Notes: Goblins are the hired muscle and enforcers of The Outcast. The vast majority are employed as legally licensed security guards and assigned to protect the property and assets of The Outcast and their personnel. They are paid well and trained to follow orders without questions. Goblins are not trusted with the secrets of their employers, and that’s the way they like it. Ignorance is healthier.

Despite their ominous name, most of the Goblins are little more than ordinary street thugs, possessing none of the alleged supernatural powers of their leaders. However, it has been rumored that some Goblins are rewarded by The Outcast with certain spells, charms and special weapons that make them formidable in combat.

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