“Let’s make this escape more interesting. Let me take out one of his kneecaps.” Hodges Grey
Hodges Byrd Hodges Pose

From the files of Dr. Allura, Bureau of Special Intelligence:

Name: Richard M. Hodges

Age: 29

Occupation: Oversight Specialist for Shokwurk Enterprises

Notes: Hodges has a diverse record that includes gangs, reform school, the United States military, mercenary work overseas and the occasional forced vacations in prison. During one of his stays behind bars Hodges was recruited into the Goblins and found lucrative employment providing his unique services for Shokwurk Enterprises. He proved himself to be an exceptional “troubleshooter,” and quickly rose up in the ranks, coming to the attention of Nolan Shokwurk himself. Shokwurk was impressed that Hodges always volunteered whenever a “problem” needed removing, and Hodges has never failed at his assignments. Shokwurk is a hard man to get close to, but he's been giving Hodges more and more sensitive responsibilities. Hodges hopes to continue to impress his boss in order to further his career. There’s nothing that he’d like more than to be a part of whatever Shokwurk’s big plans are for Richmond, Virginia.


Under no circumstances is any BSI agent to arrest or detain Richard Hodges. His actions may be observed and recorded, but nothing he does is to be directly interfered with. If Hodges is arrested or detained by any other law enforcement agency, Dr. Allura is to be notified immediately.

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