“My job’s okay. I have a cubicle decorated with Dilbert cartoons, a regular spot on the office football pool, and my own parking space in the back where the birds don’t poop too much. But every now and again I like to escape...and raise cane.” Blue Jack
Jack Trick Battle Jack

From the files of Dr. Allura, Bureau of Special Intelligence:

Name: Jack B. Magic (unknown if this his actual birth name)

Age: (unknown)

Occupation: Administrative Support Specialist, Part-time Magician

Notes: Jack’s biography is as mysterious and perplexing as one of his stage shows. His birth, medical and early school records all appear to be incomplete, misfiled or destroyed. Jack grew up in Chester, Virginia. He has friends who remember him back to his kindergarten days, and they claim that he was always performing tricks and illusions, first with toy magic sets and later with props he built on his own. Perhaps this interest in magic had its origins in his unusual name, or perhaps it was something more. One middle school classmate claimed that he had overheard that Jack’s father was a famous professional magician. It is known that Jack grew up without a father, it is unknown if he died, got divorced, walked out on his family, went to prison, or just plain vanished. Jack’s mother was seen at school functions, but never mingled socially with the other parents. Eyewitnesses claim she was pretty, polite and shy. No one recalls her first name, she was only known simply as “Mrs. Magic.” Some folks believe that she had recently passed away, but there are no local records to verify this. Jack has no other known relatives.

What is known about Jack is that he is a very good stage magician, a career he pursues in his spare time while holding down a regular office job to pay his bills. Gifted with good looks, quick humor and charisma, Jack seems to be able to win over any audience, of any age or social group. In addition to performing illusions, Jack Magic is also an accomplished escape artist, quick change artist, ventriloquist, juggler, acrobat and pickpocket. He is also skilled at the martial arts of taekwondo and bojutsu. He sounds almost too good to be true, but he does appear to have at least one flaw: a difficulty maintaining long lasting relationships with his constantly changing roster of girlfriend/assistants.

Jack first came under scrutiny by the Bureau of Special Intelligence when one of their agents was killed during his biggest outdoor magic show. At first it was believed that Jack was an innocent bystander, since he also was severely wounded during the events of that evening. And then a very curious thing happened: Jack was completely healed of all his injuries overnight, as if by a miracle. And to make things even more astonishing, the hospital records and x-rays now appear to show that he was admitted to the emergency room in perfect health, directly in conflict with the eyewitness accounts of over a dozen policemen, EMT’s, doctors and hospital staff.

Since his recovery Jack has been seen with a woman believed to be a former member of The Outcast, a secretive criminal organization whose members allegedly possess occult-like powers. He also has acquired a new stage prop: a floating cane that he can hurl as a weapon. In the hands of a practitioner of bojutsu (staff fighting) it can be quite dangerous.

What is the connection between Jack Magic and The Outcast? Is he related to them somehow? Is he their enemy? Has been working with them all along? Are they trying to recruit him?

Or is this magician making us see something that’s not there?

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