Jack Magic: Believe Your Eyes is set in Richmond, Virginia. When I did the whole “re-imagining” process of the original Magic Man series, I considered changing the location to a nameless, fictional city, like most classic comic heroes romp around in. I even toyed with the idea of making it a period piece and setting it back in the 1980’s as a kind of retro-fairy tale with a classic MTV soundtrack.


But I kept coming back to the original idea of placing all the action in contemporary Richmond, Virginia. I live around here. I know the place. I don’t think anyone else has created a superhero-fantasy that takes place here.

But I do have one little twist on the whole Richmond scene. Since part of the plot involves the bad guys using a reconstruction project to alter the city for their evil plans, why not envision a Richmond different from the one that exists in reality?

I refer to it as Neo Richmond, although it won’t be called that in the story. For anyone familiar with the place, imagine the city of Richmond with new, ultra-modern additions to the skyline, but with some landmarks and cultural icons from the past being brought back as well. Miller & Rhoads and Thalhimers are still thriving department stores downtown, co-existing with the resurrected 6th Street Marketplace. You can still drive to Kelly’s Hamburgers or White Tower while listening to WLEE on your car radio. People line up to dance at Much More and The Bus Stop. If you walk into Best Products or Carousel Stores you might see a TV set tuned to WVRN-63 playing new episodes of Sailor Bob or Shock Theatre with the Bowman Body.

It's just little things like that in the background that will add to the magic of Jack Magic.

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