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One night in the summer of 2005 I went to a gallery showing at a large artists’ workspace. I ended up meeting and hanging out with a very nice lady painter and her friends. We shared wine and conversation. There was a young woman among the group that introduced herself to me, and I told her my name was Matt Pak. She said I seemed familiar to her but she could not figure out where she knew me from. Well, not to brag, but this used to happen to me a lot. I was co-host of a local late night horror movie show in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, and people around town would recognize me, even though I didn’t wear the eye patch and the rainbow-color wig and burlap sack in public.

I told her that she probably had seen me as Skeeter on Dr. Gruesome’s Movie Morgue. No, that wasn’t it. Apparently that show was before her time. But she had seen me somewhere before. And then another man joined the party and I introduced myself to him as well. “Matt Pak?” he said. “You’re not the same Matt Pak from Matt Pak Videos are you?” And then the young woman gasped and said “THAT’S IT! That’s where I know you from! The video with Gay-Bob and the Ho Shopping Network and the cursing Smurfs!”

Matt Pak Videos was a compilation of all the comedy video pieces I made when I first became a film editor at a local Richmond TV station in the 1980's. I ended up with about an hour of material: re-dubbed cartoons, re-mixed music videos and original comedy sketches. I made many VHS dubs for friends. An actor and actress couple once came to Richmond to visit friends (she was on Dynasty at the time and he was on All My Children) and I gave them a copy. So this video has been around for a long time. But I was curious where this young woman had seen my video. Maybe she was acquainted with one of my friends.

“I saw it at a science fiction convention in Atlanta,” she told me. The other guy said “I first saw it at a friend’s place in New York.”

I was astonished. I had no idea that it had spread so far.

The next day I was on a mission. I still had the original master tapes. I began re-collecting the material and editing it together for a DVD. It was one of those projects I had always intended to do, but I pretty much knew that I would never get around to actually finishing it. And yet there I was really doing it! I was even able to finish a music video for “Shock the Monkey” that I had started in the 1980’s but never completed because I didn’t have enough monkey footage. Before Christmas the DVD was done, and I sent them out to my friends as presents.

DVD Box 01 DVD Box 02

The reason I brought this up on this web page is that I’m proud that I actually got to finish a long-term project. I was inspired by that chance meeting at the art show to finally follow through on something, and I hope that I can do the same with Jack Magic.

You can read Film Threat’s review of the Matt Pak Videos DVD here. (warning: explicit language in the review)

The following are sample YouTube hosted videos from the DVD:

Star Trek Promo - excerpt from Matt Pak Videos


Bitch Witch - Bewitched parody - excerpt from Matt Pak Videos

Win A Date With Laura Swisher - excerpt from Matt Pak Videos

He Drives Us Bats - a NEW video I edited in 2009 that is not on the DVD. My tribute to the classic Adam West Batman

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