On this page I will try to list major updates and changes to this website.


November 7, 2006: jackmagic.com is activated. The website is worked on and updated over the next two months.

January 22, 2007: All major updates are complete. The Characters page is complete. The site is now officially “open.”

January 29, 2007: Updated Other Works page.

January 30, 2007: More Other Works updating, updated Links page

February 22, 2007: I'm working on getting the first book finished, so updates might be few for a while. I did some minor changes and added my brand new nerdgirl.com illustration to the Artwork page.

February 25, 2007: jackmagic.com gets a brief plug and discussion during the Weezy and the Swish podcast! Go to www.weezyandtheswish.com, you can download podcast 86 (with guest Richard Kuras) and the Jack Magic discussion is at approximately 30 minutes and 30 seconds into the show. You can also subscribe to this great podcast through iTunes.

March 13, 2007: Added page two of Tricks of the Trade to the First Book section as well as a revised version of page one.

March 28, 2007: Added the new cover for Tricks of the Trade. I also decided on an “imprint” for the comic book: Comic Rac Comics.

April 11, 2007: Added page three of Tricks of the Trade.

The Sneak Preview Edition of Jack Magic: Tricks of the Trade is now available for pre-order, $3 postpaid in the United States. Please e-mail me at mattpak@jackmagic.com for details!

May 3, 2007: Added page four of Tricks of the Trade.

May 30, 2007: Added page six of Tricks of the Trade. There will be a new page one so that will make all the previous pages move forward (one becomes two, two becomes three, etc.).

July 19, 2007: Added the new page one of Tricks of the Trade. I also added a couple of new pieces to the Artwork page.

December 6, 2007: Added pages seven and eight of Tricks of the Trade, as well as two pieces to the Artwork page.

April 15, 2008: After a multi-year legal battle, Jack Magic® is now a registered trademark!

June 16, 2008: Added new flash animation to intro page, added link to main page to purchase the preview issue from ComixPress. \

March 21, 2010: Added X-Play poster to Artwork page.

March 24, 2010: Revised and updated the Dawn Goodson illustration on the Artwork page.

December 22, 2011: The Premiere Issue arrived from the printer. Updated Artwork from 2011.

January 12, 2012: Updated Star Wars and Characters pages.


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