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Fears & Robots (1991)

Fears Cover

Fears & Robots was a 32 page parody of a Sears & Roebucks Christmas catalog from the 1960’s. Copies were sold to the public in the classified ads of The Comic Buyers Guide publication.

What’s interesting about this project is that it was created entirely on an Apple Macintosh 128K computer, the first version of the Mac ever produced (upgraded to a whopping 512K memory). All the pages were drawn freehand using only a mouse and the program MacPaint. This was in the era before inexpensive scanners and graphics tablets.

What I did was sketch out each drawing on the computer screen, then I went back and cleaned up the illustrations pixel by pixel. It was a long painstaking process, but it gave the book a very distinctive “retro” look. And quite frankly, I didn’t know any better. Apparently I once had unlimited time to work on my projects!

Fears & Robots was successful enough to merit a sequel. The second catalog was set in the 1970’s, but this time I had access to a real scanner so it didn’t take as long to create. There was going to be a third catalog set in the 1980’s, but I never got around to it, which is too bad because it would have been a treat for younger fans.

I will post the entire contents of both catalogs eventually, but here’s a sample for now:


Fears 11 Fears 12 Fears 15 Fears 22
Page 11
Page 12
Page 15
Page 22
Fears 26 Fears 28 Fears 29 Fears 30
Page 26
Page 28
Page 29
Page 30

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G.I. Joe: Stars & Stripes Forever (1995)

Joe Poster

1994 was rather a bleak year for G.I. Joe fans. Even though it was the action figure’s 30th anniversary, Hasbro had discontinued their popular 3 3/4 inch scale line of figures, and along with it was canceled the long running comic book published by Marvel Comics.

To fill in the void I conceived an idea for a new comic book series about G.I. Joe, and because I was fan of all the toy’s incarnations I envisioned an epic adventure that would unite the original 1960’s and 1970’s G.I. Joe with their modern 1980’s and 1990’s counterparts. G.I. Joe: Stars & Stripes Forever was a proposal for a comic book mini-series that would introduce the menace of The Mumstrosity, a new villain based on one of the most iconic G.I. Joe Adventure Team toys: The Secret of the Mummy’s Tomb.

It’s revealed that the mummy sealed inside the sarcophagus is an imprisoned wizard, accidentally set free when Cobra (the evil terrorist organization that plagues the modern G.I. Joe team) raids an Adventure Team warehouse. Cobra Commander makes an alliance with the Mumstrosity and together they set out to conquer the world through magic and time travel. The original G.I. Joe team comes out of retirement and join forces with the current generation to bring down the bad guys. In the process of the adventure they run into other characters from the “Hasbro Universe,” such as The Transformers, The Inhumanoids, Jem, Visionaries, and even the G.I. Joes of the future: The Super Joe Adventure Team.

Below are some of the character designs for the project:

Adventure Team Duke Cobra Commander The Mumstrosity
G.I Joe Adventure Team
Cobra Commander

The Mumstrosity

Snake Eyes
Shipwreck Roadblock
Lady Jaye
Snake Eyes & Timber
Shipwreck & Polly
Lady Jaye
Baroness & Destro
Cobra Trooper
Super Joes
The Baroness and Destro
Cobra Trooper
Super Joe Adventure Team

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