The Outcast

“We were out-cast...and outcast.” The Outcast
Above left to right: Night Show, Dream Dark, Taejon Fike, Heyday and Bonemaker
Fike Dream Dark

From the files of Dr. Allura, Bureau of Special Intelligence:

The Outcast is an international criminal organization with a history that stretches back to the beginning of the Twentieth Century and perhaps even earlier. Legend has it that they were founded by a group of witches and sorcerers and that they practice black magic to achieve their goals. Secrets are their stock and trade, and they are rumored to deal in industrial espionage, identity theft, embezzlement, grand larceny, arson, insurance fraud, smuggling, weapons dealing, prison breaks and murder-for-hire. They often lend their skills to other more traditional crime families for a steep “consultant fee.” Even with this monstrous legacy of crime, very few of their members have ever been caught or successfully prosecuted in the world's courts. Those that do either escape, disappear, or wind up the victims of unfortunate “accidents” behind bars.

The leader of The Outcast is a man named Taejon Fike, and he has supposedly held that position since the group’s formation, which is unlikely since that would make him over a century old. One theory is that there have been a series of male heirs named Taejon Fike, and that each one assumes this identity when a predecessor retires. Either that, or Mr. Fike looks a LOT younger than he truly is. All that is really known about the man currently called Taejon Fike is that he is all-business: grim, methodical, precise and utterly ruthless.

His second-in-command is a woman code-named Dream Dark who can allegedly read minds. The rest of the upper command of The Outcast is constantly changing and expanding, but includes such colorful characters as Night Show, a master of a most unusual form of un-armed combat, Voxanne, a woman with a most persuasive voice, and Bonemaker, a jovial assassin.

Construction magnate Nolan Shokwurk is also believed to be a high ranking member of The Outcast. Shokwurk was contracted by the city of Richmond, Virginia to oversee a massive rebuilding and reconstruction project, with hundreds of millions of dollars changing hands. It’s a sure bet that The Outcast are somehow involved, but are they only after a chunk of the profits, or is something far more sinister going on?

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