“Do you think all this death and destruction is just a game to me? How remarkably perceptive of you.” Shokwurk Pencils
Shokwurk Tux Shokwurk Flames

From the files of Dr. Allura, Bureau of Special Intelligence:

Name: Nolan A. Shokwurk

Age: UNKNOWN, appears to be a man in his mid-thirties to early-forties

Occupation: CEO of Shokwurk Enterprises

Notes: Nolan Shokwurk is an entrepreneur, inventor, software programmer, architect, and marketing visionary. During his teenage years he began writing and selling extremely popular and innovative video games for early home computers. From these humble beginnings he was able to create his own Fortune 500 company, Shokwurk Enterprises. Not just limited to electronic entertainment, the company is involved in large scale construction, robotics research, military weapons design, security and surveillance services, as well many philanthropic pursuits. Shokwurk’s company handles a large number of government contracts, and he has the friendship and gratitude of dozens of politicians and Hollywood celebrities. Shokwurk’s latest triumph is a huge reconstruction and renovation project for the city of Richmond, Virginia, which he is personally overseeing.

Despite the cheerful facade he projects, Shokwurk has contempt and disdain for most human beings and a low tolerance for boredom. He would rather be playing the latest Vice City video game than hobnobbing with the latest Vice President. He always carries a portable game unit on his person and sneaks in as much game play as he can between meetings and award ceremonies.

At some point in his career, Nolan Shokwurk was recruited into the secret crime organization known as The Outcast. It is believed that he has provided them with advanced technology for their special projects, and he quickly assumed a prominent leadership role within their inner circle. Word on the underworld grapevine is that Shokwurk has grown dissatisfied with The Outcast as of late. He feels constricted by their secretive nature, and presses for them to more openly exercise their power. This has put him into direct conflict with Taejon Fike, the leader of The Outcast. Fike has so far been able to keep Shokwurk's ambitions in check, but clearly this clash of philosophies is going to come to a head in the near future.

Most disturbing has been the appearance of new kind of super-powered enforcer under Shokwurk’s command. An armored mystery man has been spotted in Richmond, with a face obscured by a hooded helmet and an incredible “rasterized” right arm that can electrify opponents, transform into various lethal blade-like shapes, and fire energized projectiles.

It looks like something that could have stepped right out of one of Shokwurk’s video games.

Anyone could be inside that costume. Even a bored genius millionaire itching to flex his power.

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