Proposal for the Jack Magic comic book series

It begins with Jack Magic: Tricks of the Trade. This will be a self-contained story, a “pilot” if you will, which will serve to introduce the character of Jack Magic.

Tricks of the Trade has two plots that run concurrently. The first concerns a disguised ex-magician named “Expozo” who rose to notoriety exposing the secrets of magic. He is being interviewed on television and expresses his opinion that stage magic is a dead art form and proceeds to reveal the big mysteries behind the craft. In the second plot a criminal and his gang carries out an unusual “armed” robbery of a theater box office after a big charity magic show, unaware that the featured magician hasn’t left the premises quite yet.

Jack Magic: Tricks of the Trade is a full-color stand alone story and will not necessarily be tied to the continuity of the rest of the series.

Jack Magic: Believe Your Eyes will concern the origin and first adventure of Jack Magic. It is proposed to be a six part limited series of approximately 20 to 22 pages each, not counting covers, in full color. The sixth and final issue could have a larger page count, as there is a considerable amount of action and an epilogue planned. The actual number of issues and the amount of content are certainly open to change.

Part One: Heaven Sent
Welcome to Richmond, Virginia! There’s a celebration going on to commemorate a massive reconstruction project, and as part of the gala festivities tonight is an outdoor performance by local up-and-coming magician and escape artist Jack Magic. Things seem a bit rocky when Jack’s assistant throws him out of her car along with his props and drives away just minutes before the event begins. But as luck would have it there’s a familiar face from his past in the audience, and much to the relief of Jack’s overstressed manager, the show will go on.
But destiny has something else in mind. Two undercover government agents have discovered a terrible secret behind Richmond’s renovation, and are being pursued by a hostile enemy with the city’s new mechanized constructs at their command. After an encounter with a flying killer toll booth, one of the agents manages to make his way to the location of Jack’s magic show, in an attempt to hide in the crowd. But his escape is cut short by the arrival of a bizarrely costumed couple; a man and a woman with extraordinary powers. Chaos and destruction ensue.
Meanwhile, suspended upside down high above the panic below, Jack’s struggle to release him self from a straitjacket doesn’t work out exactly as planned.

Part Two: Visitation Rites
In a penthouse suite high above the city of Richmond gather the Outcast, a secretive order of dark magicians. Their leader chastises one of their own, Nolan Shokwurk, for his public display of power at the outdoor event and, more importantly, the loss of a certain artifact stolen by the government agents. Shokwurk is charged with recovering this item at all costs, last seen at Jack’s magic show.
Meanwhile Jack is fighting for his life in a hospital room as his friends keep a grim vigil outside. And then a beautiful woman literally walks through the walls of Jack’s room and makes him an intriguing offer.

Part Three: Knight of Wands
Jack returns home after his miraculous recovery, and receives a marvelous new gift. Shokwurk makes preparations for recovering the missing artifact and Jack goes to meet the mysterious woman who saved his life. He’s going to demand answers, but is he ready for what he discovers?

Part Four: Boxed In
Jack resumes his performing, but now finds himself wanted by more than just his fans. After a brush with extreme danger, Jack and his friends make a very logical decision: run away. But something bad happens that makes this impossible...something really, really bad.

Part Five: Star Makin’ Machinery
With no other options left to them, Jack and his friends arrive at the Science Museum of Virginia to confront Shokwurk and his minions. Once there they learn Shokwurk’s true agenda. And then Jack and his friends are all killed.
No, really.

Part Six: Lonesome Train
What? Isn’t it all over? With everyone dead, there’s no chance of a happy ending.
But where magic is concerned there are times where you simply can’t believe your eyes, and the fate of Richmond and the lives of thousands will be decided on board an antique trolley car that happens to be flying a hundred feet in the air towards downtown. Get ready for twists and surprises galore as the adventure comes to its shocking conclusion.


Jack Magic will be suitable for all ages. There will be no profanity, and no sexually explicit or excessive violent content. I am not against adult content, it’s just not appropriate for this particular project. I want this series to be accessible to everyone.

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